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  • Australian Law - 521 words
    A very noticeable feature of the Trade Practices Act is the inclusion of some provisions dealing not only with anti-competition generally, but specifically those covering anti-competitive practices in the telecommunications industry. This represents a major advancement in the protection of yet another potentially abusive area of consumer services, which can come up with the reduction of trade barriers, growth of financial markets and improvements in information technology have contributed to a major expansion of international commerce. This expansion has been accompanied by increased requirements for logistics services, and a restructuring of services to support increasingly global businesse ...
    Related: australian, australian law, product quality, international commerce, expansion
  • Australian Information Mangement Ethics And Law - 1,819 words
    In the new electronic age, we are relying more and more on information technology to streamline government, educate our children, make health care more accessible and affordable, and make our businesses more productive and competitive. This rush to embrace a new age of technology must not, however, obscure the ongoing responsibility to protect important information and maintain the personal privacy of citizens. There is increasing awareness, both in Australia and overseas, of the privacy implications of new information technologies. This has led to mounting pressure to ensure that those technologies are introduced in ways which respect the expectations of individuals in relation to the handl ...
    Related: australian, australian law, ethics, freedom of information act, information economy, information society, information technology
  • Aboriginal Customary Laws And Australian Contemporary Laws - 582 words
    Aboriginal customary laws, before white settlement in 1788, were considered primitive by the British, if considered at all. But Aboriginal laws and customs had lasted hundreds of years, based on traditions such as kinship ties and rituals. These laws were formed by ancestors, spirits, and Aboriginal beliefs, and were passed down the generations by word-of-mouth instead of written down. Being over 500 tribes (each with it's own clans) in Australia at one point, there were many variations to their guidelines, customised to each area of the land. Although the laws varied throughout the ages, this way of life remained until white settlement. The roots of Australian laws are similar to traditiona ...
    Related: aboriginal, australian, australian government, australian law, common law, constitutional law, contemporary
  • Women And The Law - 1,289 words
    Through out the years there have been many factors that affect the operation of the legal system to help generate just outcomes for women. Historically, women have always held an inferior place to men, but during the 20th century this concept has changed considerably. The status of women has changed in terms of political suffrage, jury duty, economic rights, property rights, social security and minority groups. However, women still suffer disadvantages and to try to resolve particular problems women still confront legal and non-legal mechanisms. The mechanisms are used to resolve political and economic equality in accessing education, training development, gaining promotion, equal pay and se ...
    Related: women in the workforce, working women, young women, equal opportunity, sex discrimination
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