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Example research essay topic: Fear - 350 words

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Fear is an emotion produced by the brain to avoid a potentially bad situation or anxiety caused by the presence of danger. Fear caused by a threatening object or situation will typically result in increased body tension, heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate. These symptoms tend to produce different behavioral patterns in people. The way these symptoms affect me are when I am in danger of failing or when I am alone. These two things are what you could call my two greatest fears. Winston Churchill once said, The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself. This famous saying shows that fear affects people as much as they let it affect them.

The way I deal with my fears is to try to overcome them or not let them get to me. Many people have a fear of failure and it affects them in various ways. My fear of failure, in a way, has helped me through a lot of my problems. I have recognized this fear that I experience and the only way to prevent this feeling is to do everything I can to accomplish what I need to do. My way of coping with failure is really easy, I just work hard enough to do good. This technique I use helps me from experiencing my fear of failure.

My fear of being alone doesnt exist when I am alone in a dark place, but it does exist when I am in new surroundings. I hate the feeling of not having someone there to talk to or laugh with. When I sense this feeling coming, I deal with it by adapting and trying my best to make new friends. Through my experience, I have found that Churchills saying is true. Fear only goes as far as you let it go. You have two options for coping with your fear: you can avoid the fear or you can overcome it. If you learn to face your fears without letting them get to you, there is nothing that will scare you away from achieving your dreams.

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Research essay sample on Fear

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